Atlantica Online: A Beginner's Guide

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    Atlantica Online: A Beginner's Guide

    Classes - A basic rundown

    • Sword- A fairly balanced mercenary with good attack and defense. Could be considered the tank of mercenaries. They attack 1 enemy.

    • Spear- They don't have nearly as high of defense as the Swordsman. They're not really the best to have in your frontline, but they can attack 2 enemies in a column.

    • Staff- The mages of the group. Hide them behind your tanks. They have low defense and HP, but are great at healing, magic defense, and supporting the team. They also have high magic defense.

    • Archer- Long range should usually be hidden behind tanks too. You'll want to protect your Archer as they are vulnerable. However, they can shoot at any enemy on the field and can use the Silence skill, which prevents enemies from using magic.

    • Gunner- Also long ranged, also poor defense. They have improved however, since the start of the game. Your Gunner can attack three enemies in a column and will actually take a hunk of HP from the front line. Wild Shot is their primary skill. It adds damage to their bullets.

    • Cannon- These guys I'm not very familiar with. Their attacks are like the reverse of the Gunner. Cannons can attack 3 in a column and use a skill that lets you see enemy HP.

    • Axe- I think the Axe class has degraded after some patches. Their damage is fair and defense is relatively good, last I knew. They too attack 3 monsters in a row. They're skill is Freeze Axe and can literally freeze 3 enemies, preventing them from doing anything for a couple turns.

    • Musician- Another mage type. They specialize in magic attack, as opposed to healing. They are stronger than the Shaman/Monk classes, but are by no means a tank. This class uses a guitar as their weapon of choice. They attack 2 enemies in a column and have a couple Music skills that drain HP and AP overtime from monsters.

    By the end of the mini-tutorial you would have hired 3 mercenaries to aid your main character. At the low level of 1 you only have a few choices. You can hire a Swordsman, a Spearman, an Archer, or a Gunner. At level 10
    you can add another mercenary to your team, and can now buy a Shaman [healers]. It is important to get a good start, so you'll want to think for a moment about which mercenaries you want to hire. You can always fire the mercenaries if you decide you don't like them, but by then you'd have already put in some work to getting them leveled. To prevent a bad start, you should decide what kind of Formation you want.

    You can set up your formation by going to the My Info tab > Formation and then rearrange how your mercenaries will appear in battle. It is wise to put the stronger mercenaries upfront, such as the Swordsman. You'll want to use them as human shields to protect your Shaman, Archer, or Gunner from melee attacks. Note that enemies with a spear can attack two of your mercenaries in a column. If you move your vulnerable mercenaries back as far as they can go (it is a 3x3 formation) you can at least prevent two column attacks from reaching them.

    When hiring your mercenaries keep in mind what kind of formation you want, and what type of strategy you are going for (melee tanking, healing aid, long range superiority...) Note that later on, as you level up, you will able to hire more mercenaries and different types. By level 20 you can get a Viking and even further along a whole new Class of mercenaries will become available to you.


    To best equip your mercenaries, especially the main character, you might consider using Enchant Stones. These can be found in the Enchant Stone Boxes, which many monsters drop. Right click the box to open it. You can pick from an Armor Enchant Stone or a Weapon Enchant stone. Armor is blue and Weapon is red. Obviously you can't enchant weapons with an Armor Stone.

    Enchanting will make your weapons stronger and will raise the defense and properties of your armor. As a beginner the only things you can enchant (and use afterwards) are the Spirit Armor/Weapons Set. Once you hit level 15 you'll be able to use the Ocean Set, and so on and so forth. However, for now, we will use Spirit Set. You should be collecting Spirit Boxes, which contain armor and weapons needed to equip your mercenaries. You can also buy individual pieces of Spirit equipment off the Market.

    To enchant you will need TWO of the SAME equipment. For example, you open two Spirit Boxes and both give you a Spirit Sword. Now you have two Spirit Swords. By enchanting you can combine these two swords with 1 Weapon Enchant Stone to create a +1 Spirit Sword.
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    Very good guide. Loved this game, thinking about checking it out now.

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